Posted by: Diane F | September 11, 2010

My Day

Today started with a great morning of quilting with a new group.  Excited and happy, to straight in the toilet.  I think I need to go and fondle some fabric to calm my nerves.   So does any one else ever have one of those days where you just want to scream?????????????

Posted by: Diane F | July 7, 2010

Batting Lust; Every Which Way But Loose part II

Would you look at this….

All crinkled and soft.  I so really like this now.  The batting I was testing was Simply Bamboo from Fiberco.  The batting sample started out 18″ square, and once washed and dried it finished 16″ square.   So it did shrink quite a bit.  To be fair, the directions tell you to machine wash and dry on the delicate cycle.  I used the regular cycles in both machines. 

Now the back,

Oh these pictures can’t even begin to give you any idea how soft this little quilt is.  I have several quilts with cotton batting that have been washed several times that don’t even come close to being as soft as this little quilt.  I have investigated buying a bolt or roll of this batting, but shipping from Texas, $$$$$$$$$.   I so want a quilt with this batting large enough to wrap myself in.  Oh, what about a quilted jacket made from this for those cold Wisconsin winters. 

So, yes, I have batting LUST.  I will use this batting in a quilt soon.  Next up to test is their bamboo blend, it is 50/50 with cotton.

Posted by: Diane F | July 6, 2010

Every Which Way But Loose,

Crazy Train,  Fragments,  Hoarders anonymous or Patriotic Confetti were all titles I  thought would be great for this post.  This small quilt came about as left over triangles from the quilt laying underneath it.  I picked up a bamboo batting sample at market and wanted to test it out.  In talking with Amanda about another project this one emerged. 

So here is what I did.  First I cut a piece of white fabric the size of the batting (18″x18″), then while I was following doctors orders and elevating my leg.  I used a run of the mill Elmers glue stick and glued all the triangles on the square.

That was back in May, today I loaded it on my long arm.

I zigged and zagged all over the triangles and the background making sure all the triangles were secure.  Funny thing about the quilting, it really was therapy.  Stitching in every direction, no right or wrong.

OK, so that was front and back. I am not totally thrilled with the front, but like the look back.   As for the batting, it quilted up nicely.  I bound the quilt using a raw edge binding.   It is currently in the washer to fluff and shrink.

So, how is that for a process description?  I have been reading about the process pledge.  I like the idea, but have this real problem of promising  or wanting to do something but not being able to follow through.  With me you get what you get, when you get it.  I would really love to read a blog about the process of getting stuff finished or how to organize your life and house to help in finishing the quilting you want.

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