Posted by: Diane F | July 5, 2007

A weekend to myself

2007_0705image0002.jpg2007_0705image0001.jpgToday I thought I would get back at my blog.  All the boys in my life have just gone away for a three day fishing weekend with Dan, Matt’s father.  I have several quilts to get quilted so I stayed home to work.  I am currently quilting on a black and white churndash that has a hint of read.  LOL The title of the quilt is black and white and read allover.  It is a customer quilt for our local guild show challenge.  The customers family owns the printing company that prints many papers in our area.  I am doing the thread play ala Jamie Wallen and writing the names of thapapers in the open areas.  I am not sure about it yet, it seems to be taking forever to do the thread play and I am fast to lose interest in it. I hope to be on to the next quilt before noon tomorrow.  But in the mean time here are a couple of photos of WIP.  The pictures ended up in the begining of the paragraph.  I haven’t figured out how to get them where I want them yet.  I will have to play with this blog some more.  I am tweeking my blog and learning as I go.  There will be changes often.  So Check back.


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