Posted by: Diane F | July 26, 2007

What a week

Where to start, Country jam was great, well it started out that way.  DH brought the flu along with him.  Thursday was great,  a fun day of music topped off with a better than 2 hour preformance by Reba, who was joined on stage for three songs with Kelly Clarkson.  Only downfall is the camera was at home.  Day two had me joined with a good friend of mine for a day of HOT men on stage2007_0721image0014.jpg

Here is the trace the one I found the best.   By the ned of the day I was beginning to feel alittle run down and had thought it was just too much sun.  Saturday morning I woke up and had a mimosa2007_0721image0007.jpg

Problem was I had now managed to catch the flu that my DH had brought along with him.  So I spent the day inside the camper in bed.  I did manage to drag myself out of bed to go over to watch Bon Jovi.  They only played alittle over an hour and left out way to many of their great songs.  While I am glad I got to see them again, they were not the highlight of the weekend.  That title belonged to Reba!

So Sunday morning DH did most of the packing of the camper and DS#1 went over to Shopko and picked me up the final Harry Potter book.  We were home by 11, I checked my email and went to bed.  I pretty much stayed there unless I was in the bathroom until this morning.  One plus to being in bed for that long was the fact that I was able to finish reading my book.  I am very sad that the series has come to an end.  I think that I am going to get them all together and read them over again.

Only two days until the quilt show set up.  I have a top to quilt and bind yet so I am going to head to bed and get up early tomorrow and get to work.



  1. Oh that really sounds fun!!! I’m sorry you got sick!!

  2. Welcome home! Hope you are feeling lots better.

  3. hope you are feeling better and have a great quilt show. i’m in the middle of HP and forcing myself to read and enjoy every word. my daughter is re-listening to all the audio tapes prior to reading the last book.

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