Posted by: Diane F | July 29, 2007

And another one is history

The river city quilters of Wabasha MN have completed another successful quilt show.  Over the next week or so I will be sharing some of the quilts from that show.  They will be my quilts, or quilts from customers of mine that I quilted.  I will start with one of mine.  It is finished and in the show because while procrastinating putting the borders on last week I read a blog post from a good friend, fellow quilter and great book publisher, well of course I am talking about Suzanne,  (You can find her in my blog roll but I am sure you already have her on yours)  she was also procrastinating putting borders on a quilt top of her’s.  Well she, not knowingly, gave me the prod I needed to get off of  the computer and get it done.  So after finishing the top and loading it I had to of course quilt it with one of the designs from her book, since I had never done the Feather and Curl, I desided to use that one.  This quilt was made with a collection of Kansas Troubles Scrapbook Garden from Moda.  I bought so much of this line when the shop in Cannon Falls MN went out of business.  It was a mystery that was presented by one of our guild members durring the last year.  The pictures are kind of dark as the lighting in the gym isn’t the best.  Here it is.

 2007_0727image0025.jpg  2007_0727image0026.jpg

 I am not sure why I could get a thumbnail for the first picture and not the second, Oh well I will get the hang of this blogging stuff soon I hope.

The second quilt I will tell you about is a customers and was the viewers choice winner.  I quilted it several months ago and have had pictures of the blooks for a while but noy of the whole quilt until the show.  This was a block of the month snowman and sampler.  It was a blast to quilt it and she loved what I had done.


2007_0414image0009.jpg       2007_0414image0011.jpg

2007_0414image0012.jpg        2007_0414image0007.jpg


I was approached by many new people about quilting for them, so the show was a success for me in the customer area.  However I have been very seriously questioning or pondering  lately whether I should get a job outside the home and just work on a select customer base.  Oh the tangled web it has weaved in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the 2007 River Sity Quilter Show “Think Outside the Block” 



  1. I did enjoy the show and eagerly look forward to the rest of it! Love your quilt! You did a fab job on the BOM, too!

  2. Loved the quilt show!!! Wow! You were busy!!!!!

  3. I also enjoyed your show. Thanks for doing it. I know what it takes to put on a quilt show and your guild should be commended for taking on the effort. We had a quilt show here every year, but, the guild felt it was too much and went to every other year. I think that’s probably best, also, not everyone can turn out an award winning quilt every year, so having that break only increases the quality of the show.

  4. Very nice, Diane! I look forward to seeing more of what you’ve done!

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