Posted by: Diane F | July 31, 2007

Remember the newspaper quilt

The quilt that I blogged about several weeks ago.2007_0709image0008.jpg    2007_0709image0007.jpg

Well I am so happy that it was the winner of the black and white challenge.  The quilters husband, the owner of the printing business that the quilt will hang in really loved the way I quilted it.  My customer who made this top also won the bag challenge that we had also.  She was flyning on cloud nine.

And the last prize handed out was the sponsors award.  This award also went to another customer of mine.  It was a challenge that was done at the store that sponsors the show.  I did it as part of a club I run at the store, something extra just for fun.

2007_0727image0027.jpg  2007_0727image0028.jpg

I quilted the quilt in a swirl allover.  She washed it and dried it before the show so it had that puckered up aged look.  I really liked it and so did she.  She was thrilled with the ribbon.



  1. It looks great!! And finally!! Someone else who likes the puckered/aged look besides me! Should we form a club?!

  2. Woohoo! WTG girlfriend! Congrats on those ribbons!

  3. Congratulations! Those look great. I like the puckered look, too, so count me in your crowd….

  4. i prefer puckers most of the time too! your quilt looks great! kayp

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