Posted by: Diane F | August 5, 2007

OK Jan here is my garbage can

DOGS!  This blog is in reference to a blog by Jan at serendipity quilting, see my blog roll.  She has been shopping lately for a dog proof garbage can.  She was shocked to find these type of garbage can’s were $100.  Well I promised to post a picture of the dog proff garbage can that I bought last year.  It matches our cabinets and has a drawer that just happens to be the perfect size for our phone books.  Now if I could just get the men in my life to put said phone books back in said drawer!  That is another story. The lower handle pulls forward at an angle and there is a place for a kitchen size plastic garbage can to fit.  All of this for $70. So here is my garbage cabinet and my pouting dog who would not sit pretty for her picture!


Now for the naughty dog part of the story, Last night DH made steaks for dinner.  It was not a sit at the table night as it was just he and I eating.  He went to his chair in front of the TV and I came to the computer to catch up on all the blogs that I check out.  A little while later DH says good bye as he walks out the door.  I continue to read the blogs.  While typing in a comment to Jan’s blog, I hear a noise in the kitchen.  OH, I think to myself what is that dog into now.  I run to the kitchen to find that the 2nd dinner plate size steak DH grilled and left on the counter is gone!  Dog is now hiding in her kennel.  What I had caught her in the middle of was trying to eat the mashed potatoes that were still on the stove.  See beer can on the floor infront of the stove that gave her away by making noise.  I phone DH to ask him about why he had not put the food away???????  Well I figiured that you would get to it when you came in the kitchen.  GGRRRRR,  Oh well too late I tell him and then I processed he wouldn’t have any steak to go with his eggs in the morning.

Shortly after episode I could hear Abby, said dog, in her kennel snoring away!  I guess if I had eaten as much as she did I would need a nap too!


Oh yes back to the flower blog from a couple of days ago.  I had to show these flowers I bought at the local farmers market.  They have lots of zinnias in them.  Those happen to be on my favorite flower list also!

Now I am off to clean that kitchen kwik before the race starts!



  1. Those flowers are amazing! I miss being able to buy nice mixed ones like that! And that dog looks perfectly angelic lol… guarding the trashcan and all 😀 Thanks for the visual!! I’m dragging husband in to look now. We just went back out to look because he simply did not believe me and we found some for $200!! I think he’s motivated to go out to wood shop now 😀


  3. I’m catching up on my blog reading, and I couldn’t help but laugh about Abby getting the steak! She knows who’ll leave something out for her! WUHAHAHAHAHA!

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