Posted by: Diane F | August 8, 2007

WIP Wednesday

WIP means work in progress.  I have always enjoyed reading other WIP Wednesday blogs so today I am doing one of my own.  The first item I had actually thought would be a WIP, but in less than 2 hours I was able to finish this project yesterday.  It is suppose to be a silverware wrap.  It is a sample project for a group that I run at the LQS.  I will use it for quilting  goodies when I go to classes.

2007_0808image0004.jpg   2007_0808image0003.jpg

The second project is a real WIP, it is a mystery project by Debbie Caffery.  I love her stuff!  I am working in the final step right now. 

2007_0808image0002.jpg  2007_0808image0001.jpg

After I finished quilting a queen size quilt in an all over meander, I didn’t have the heart to load another quilt.  I decided to spend the rest of the day on stuff for me.  While I did load the fabric for the silverware roll up and quilt it, that only took abouy 15 min max.  the rest of the day was spent at the sewing machine. It was very refreshing.  Oh yes, I didn’t even have to stop to make supper as I had a crock pot chicken meal ready, thanks Suzanne.  Oh DH told me it was good and I could make it again!  WOOHOO another recipe I can actually save in the recipe box!

Well, I had better get to work!  Have a great day!



  1. What a neat tool holder! And I love the colors you are using in the mystery quilt. Glad you had a good WIP day.

  2. Oh that is a great idea!! And the only thing better than crockpot dinner is double it and freeze half… then you get two nights off 😉

  3. I love the wrap! Mmmm…wish I had something cooking in my crockpot. I got really good at using it there for awhile. I need to get back to doing that more often.

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