Posted by: Diane F | August 12, 2007

a law with a flaw

As many of you know, I am an EMT and DH is a firefighter.  Well part of that job involves having two scanner radios in the house.  Well last night, around 11:30pm  I was checking the email one last time before bed when I heard DH’s liscense # read on the scanner, I think GD it any way what now.  Well my 16 Y/O son was driving.  We had been at some friends house earlier in the afternoon where many of the firefighters had gathered and had a cookout.  Yes beer was involved.  We left there and went to some other friends who were having a bonfire. Why is it all the fun things going on are always on the same day?????  Well I had left the bonfire to come home.  16y/o DS had brought me home when he was done with work.  While I was not falling down drunk I had had a few and really don’t like to take any chances when it comes to drinking and driving.  So DS goes back out to the bonfire.  That is the last I here from him until the police radio call some half hour later.  At first when the call came in my heart raced as I thought, Oh sh#*, DH has finally gone and done it being dumb and getting a DWI, well when they read DS’s name as the driver I was somewhat relieved.  Then I waited, the didn’t come and they didn’t come.  Finally I just called my DH’s cell phone.  I got my son.  I come to find out that they left the bonfire with his father to go back to the party at the house of the firefighter.  When they got to the party he was asked to drive two people home, who were too drunk to drive. Not thinking he said sure no problem!  Now this is where we I should be proud of my son.  But instead I have to yell at him because of a law that is designed to keep carloads of kids from getting killed.  In Wisconsin, when you get your liscense it is a probationary liscense.  You may only have one non family member in the car with you. This was like I said before designed to keep kids safe,  but these two people whe over 21 years of age!  The officer who pulled my son over for breaking this voilation did not ask my son where he was going , why he was going or what he was doing.  My son is not one to stick up for himself, he just sat there and was respectful to the officer I can see it all in my mind.  As my son is telling me what has transpired I yelled at him for not thinking.  I should not have to yell at my son for being a good simeritan(sp?), I should not have to yell at my son for helping to keep the streets of Durand safe, I should not have to yell at my son for protecting all the other underage drivers and over age drivers for that matter.  Except because this particular officer cannot ask a few questions, I figure his investigation skills are lacking here, and get down to the bottom of the fact that my son was not out on some joyride with his freinds screwing around.  This officer was just all out about giving my son a $100 plus citation, a date in court( I fully intend to be there to have a little discussion with the judge!), and an extension on his probationary liscense.   I am fuming here!  Just fuming!  This is just teaching my son to not help any one out , to let drunks drive, wht should he help anyone out when it is gonna get him in trouble.  I think that this rider law, should state that a 16 y/o can only have 1 non family member under the age of 18 or 21. I guess it is more important to not have non-family members in the car than it is to let drunks driver their cars and kill more than one person because lord knows drunks kill more than one person in a year. These two men that my son had in the car with him were both old enough to be his father.  I just can not for the life of me understand what the hell the officer was thinking.  Mind you I live in a small town and working with EMS means that I know all of the officers, some better than others, but I do know the offending officer and I fully intend on having a conversation with both the cheif of police and the mayor about this.  I am so mad about this that I even think the law makers who represent me in Madison who made this probationary liscense thing up are gonna hear from me too.  I have also asked DH to talk to the two drunk people who asked for rides home as it is only fair IMHO that they pay DS’s fine and not us, $65 each is a whole lot less than they would have paid had they each gotten a DWI! 

I know I was rambling and had no resemblance of any thing I learned in any of my english classes about writing structure, but isn’t this what blogs are for?  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  Now I’m gonna get a cup of coffee and go do some piecing on that WIP before racing starts! 



  1. Sending you a cyber hug and one of my many pair of steel toed boots. They just help in situations like this. 😉 And I don’t think I’d yell at DS. I’d say good DS, bad law, let’s get this changed. And I want in on the bonfire 😀

  2. Jan, I owe my DS an apology as I yelled before I thought about it. It was midnight, I was tired yadayada yada. I opened my mouth and insterted my whole leg. I am good at spewing stuff before I think about what I say. I did it big time last night!

    I will apolozie, but I am nit getting him out of bed to do so. he is a typical sleep til noon if you let him teenager.

  3. I’m willing to bet he undertands completely. 😀

  4. Diane, i’m glad everyone was safe. sometimes it bites you in the butt when you do the right thing (like your son did). i hope the two riders step up and pay the fine…at least that would be something. kayp

  5. I have had a conversation with the cheif of police. he is looking onto the situation. I was kind of proud of myself. I stayed calm and collected durring the whole conversation. I told him that DS was being a sober driver, and that Officer Chad would have known that had he even bothered to ask DS what he was doing. The cheif said he would get back to my husband later today on what he decides. He doesn’t like to come to our house, it’s a dog thing. But who would Abby hurt except for a innocent steak!

  6. Diane,
    I feel for you, I really do. I’ve had a DS with a DWAI and I only wish someone like your son had been around that night.
    He sounds like a responsible young man.

  7. Good for you!! I think it probably hinges on the “qualified adult” phrasing and the fact that they weren’t sober enough to drive may indeed disqualify them….. and really this just stinks because your son was actually being more responsible than the adults…. which we probably shouldn’t examine any more closely than that lol…. Poor Abby…. she is innocent of everything… you can just tell….

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