Posted by: Diane F | August 18, 2007

My turn to tell you some things

Randi has tagged me, It looks like I am one of the last to be tagged so I will pick on 4 more people as I think most have done this.  If you have not, please feel free to share!

4 things you may not know about me

1 I’m a big NASCAR fan

2 I am the 6th of seven children

3 I may live in Wisconsin, but I am NOT a Packer fan

4  Sometimes I just want to spend the whole day in bed with the covers over my head.

4 Jobs I have had:

1 office do everything person at Menards distribution

2  EMT for Durand ambulance

3 Subway Restaraunt manager

4 Longarm machine quilter

4 Movies I could watch over and over:

1 Mystery Alaska

2 The Harry Potter series

3 101 dalmations

4 There are many movies on Lifetime movie nextwork I have watched several times, I can’t tell you them now, but I can tune in that channel and have it on all day long when I a piecing.

4 TV Shows I watch:

1 Days of our Lives

2 Rescue Me

3 Survivor

4 Army Wives

4 Hobbies:

1 Quilting!!

2 Fishing

3 Reading and this is really a new one for me.  I have just really learned to like it again.

4 Nascar

4 Places I have lived

1 Shakopee MN

2 Duluth Mn

3 Durand WI

4 I really have only lived in those 3 towns, But I was on a college exchange program in West Germany in 1988, yes before the wall came down!

4 Favorite Foods: (Only 4, food is my friend, come on!)

1 Chocolate

2 Cheese cake

3 Ribeye steak

4 really good pizza

4 Places I would rather be:

1.  At our cabin in Northern Minnesota

2.  Cooke City Montana

3.  At a quilting retreat with all my lonarm quilting buddies that I only know through the internet.  Some I have already had the pleasure to meet!

4. Having a massage

4 Websites I visit daily:

1 MQResource



4 Web Sudoku


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