Posted by: Diane F | August 19, 2007

Saturday Morning Quickie


OK, I had this quickie job to do, it was suppose to be an allover meander at a very cheap price.  It is for a fund raiser for our church festival.  Call at tha last minute, can you get it done, ya I will squeeze it in kind of thing.  All you LAers know what I am talking about.  Well The border was a plain pink tone on tone kind of fabric just calling for some feathers.  So I did a border method I learned from a class with Sue Patten, one that you do as you advance so when you get to the bottom you are done.  No turning the quilt.  The midle section did get the simple all over quickie meander.  I like these kind of scrappy quilts.  They remind me of the ones my Mom had me make when she was teaching me to quilt.  I also thought they would make a great QOV quilt.  It is just made up of 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ rectangles and then the rows are staggered.  What a great way to use up those stashes we all have! So without further ado! 

2007_0818image0001.jpg   2007_0818image0002.jpg

I spent some more of the day piecing the mystery quilt.  Looks like I will be doing some more piecing today as it is raining again.  One problem is being that it rained here in Wisconsin today and weather moves east, Michigan will be having rain today.  The Nascar race is in Michigan today!  GGGRRRRRR.  So I probably will not have a race to watch while I am doing that piecing.  Maybe that means I will get more done! LOL.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. I also love scrap quilts like that and I really like this pattern.. The border treatment is excellent!

  2. I love scrappy quilts!! This one turned out great. 🙂 They are going to be happy happy happy!!

  3. I love that border treatment! Great job on that one. I was disappointed about the race, especially since I don’t get to be home to watch it tomorrow. Good thing I can log into from work. DS & I enjoyed a movie together instead. He was having a bad golf day and needed some cheering up.

  4. I have been piecing some, cook a really good supper and have had Ice roads on all day catching up on the episodes I missed. It has rained here all day today also, so as for tomorrows race I am not sure that it looks good either.

  5. Wheww….so relieved I was not being redirected to a porn site. lol Cute quicky!

  6. I was AT the Nascar race that was rained out. We are in Central Illinois, but have been to the Nascar race in MI in 2006, 2007 (rained out – couldnt stay!) and 2008 now, for our wedding anniversary. Good to see another Nascar / quilting fan! :o)

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