Posted by: Diane F | August 30, 2007

A Day at the fair

Yesterday I went to the Minnesota State Fair.  The call it the great Minnesota get together.  While I live in Wisconsin, it is only a one hour drive fom us, when it is not rush hour!  We arrived bright and early, 7:30 am.  Non of the buildings are open yet and it is easy to walk as it less crowded.  First stop is machinery hill.  While most of the farm machinery is no longer there as times have changed, there is still plenty of heafty trucks and other toys for the boys to look at.  So I stopped for a cup of coffee and followed DH and DS’s around until 9:00 when the education and 4H buildings were open for me to look at quilts of course.  I went to the 4H building looking for a quilt made by the daughter of a member for machine quilters resourse  but alas it was not her counties day to be at the fair.  There were however many other great aquilts made by 4H members on display.  I was then off to the education building to look at the open class quilts.  There were quilts made by beginners to experts, such brave people to enter their quilts.  I was dissapointed that several quilts were obviously hung upside down.  Other were folded in ways that made it hard to see the quilting.  Oh how I love to look at quilts at the quilt shows!  To my suprise the merchandise mart connected to the education building even had a quilt shop vending.  I was a good girl however and did not purchase anything there.

From the education building I was off to the food building. YUM!  I was a naughty mom and went there with out the men so I could enjoy my own dish of deep fried chesse curds.  These are greesey and not by any means good for you, but the are the best part of the day at the fair.  I took a seat outside on the plaza and enjoyed my cheese curds.  A kwik trip back inside for the best price on the grouns for a Pepsi and I was off to find the boys again. 

They had enjoyed some go karting and more big boy toy exploring.  I arrived just in time for some fresh hot french fries, another must for a day at the fair.  Have I painted the picture that a day at the fair revolves around food. Oh yea lots of walking too.  Next on the agenda was a trip through the merchandise mart for some shopping, retail thereapy is good.  I purchased a new salsa maker, my 12 year old one bit the dust over the last year.  This one had many upgrades from the last one I had and will be trying it out soon!  From there it was back to the food building so the boys could eat some of their own cheese curds.  Gyros were on the menu for DH and DS#1, DS#2 opted for pizza.  Like you can’t get that anywhere or any time.  A refill on the pop and we were off to the International Bazaar for more retail window shopping.

It was now time for the parade that is held everyday of the fair.  After the parade we were off to the Dairy building to get shakes and see what is new in the industry.  I know that that building now has another name but I am not sure what it is.  It also contains other farm related industry besides dairy.  In this building was the most lusious display of hand dyes wool yarns.  Enough to make me drool and I don’t even knit or crochet.  made me want to learn!

It was now time to take the boys to the midway for some rides.  I planted my butt on a bench and let them run.  DH running the fastest, LOL.  When they were done it was time for a quick and abbreviated look at some farm animal and time to head home.  5pm, just in time for rush hour traffic.  Exhausted we ended our outing with a trip to a local restaraunt for a light supper at the salad bar.  I could hardly walk to go get my salad.

A good nights sleep was had by all!

Sorry no pics I forgot to charge the batteries so I decided not to drag it along.



  1. That sounds like a good day!! How does a salsa maker work??? I thought you just cut the stuff up… shows what I know….

  2. what a fun day had by all. enjoy your salsa maker! kayp

  3. Glad you had a good day at the fair! Do tell us more about the salsa maker whey you are rested up.

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