Posted by: Diane F | September 7, 2007

The football quilt

Ok in Wisconsin on Friday evenings in the fall it can get down right cold.  So being a football Mom and a Quilter, I thought oh an excuse to make myself a quilt.  Well I had the lotto blocks I won  from a group that I run, so I used them to make a quilt to take with me to the football games.  I used flannel on the back and put a double layer of hobbs 80/20 batting in it.  It is not the school colors but that was OK with me.  It has been through one season already.  One time last years someone mentioned that the quilt was too nice to take to football games.  I just laughed.  Well last Friday night was the first home game of the season and as I good Mom I went to the game, said quilt under my arm!  Before the game was a chicken dinner fundraiser for the team and while going through the line one of the people serving the food asked if I was really gonna take that quilt into the game.  I commented with , “Well yes I made it to take to the football game.”   She just gave me a funny look.   I found my seat for the game, and shortly before half time I got up to use the little girls room,  as I am walking away I here the lady behind me say ” I can’t believe she brought that new nice blanket to the football game.”  First I wanted to scream at her, because all she could do was complain about every little thing that was going on in the game and then she has the nerve to call my quilt a blanket! LOL

After the game while walking to the car  another mother of one of the boys on the team was talking to me.  She mentioned how nice the quilt was and how great it looked.  She mentioned she wish she had the time to make quilts.  She then said she wouldn’t have the nerve to bring it to the game if she had one as nice as mine.  When I stated that I made it for the games and only had about 25 or so other quilts at home she started to laugh.  She then said, well I guess it is OK that you bring that one to the game.   So here is the football quilt.  Only another quilter might understand that this is really an everyday kind of quilt.  Scappy and by no means show quality.   A good longarm quilter has to promote her talents everywhere she can!

2007_0807image0012.jpg  2007_0807image0013.jpg  2007_0807image0014.jpg



  1. Oh no.. the B word… don’t you just hate that…. It’s a beautiful quilt!! I say just cause someone tosses a sour apple doesn’t mean you have to catch it and eat it 😉 Enjoy that quilt! I think it makes you very smart!! 🙂

  2. I love it! Why shouldn’t we enjoy our quilts as use them as we wish. I figure the next generation may not be so kind to them, anyway…we might as well use them! My Mom has already ordered a quilt for my Dad’s bed, (Daddy is a snorer, so he and Mom have slept in separate rooms for quite some time) and made a comment something like “of course, I won’t be able to leave it on the bed as he comes in and wallows around on it napping”. I said “let him!” That is what we are making it for…for him to use and enjoy…might as well be him as some future daughter-in-law of mine using if for a dog blanket. 😉

  3. Randi, you have trained Derik very well and he would never let his wife use one of his mother’s quilts as a dog blanket! LOL

  4. I think the very best quilts are the ones that can be used. This one will be full of memories!

  5. Its beautiful Football quilt! Maybe you will get a few new quilters over this season lol

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