Posted by: Diane F | December 27, 2007

“Stop picking at your scabs”

*******Just a note to all you searching for tattoo info, I had my tattoo for 5 years before I came down with my cellulitis.  One had nothing to do with the other until my skin was removed and the tattoo along with it.******


This was written on November 12th, before I went to the doctor’s office.  I was put directly into the hospital and so starts the tale of the last approximately two months of my life. 

My Mother was constantly yelling at me for this even DH would yell at me.  I have always picked at any scrape, itch or bite I might have.  I was in heaven when I have chicken pops.  I seriously think is is an OCD thing.  I would be doing it with out even thinking.


On Thurday night last week I started in with the shakes, the ones you get when a fever is coming on, I thought it was the flu, cam home and went to bed.  I was in bed except for potty breaks untillate friday afternoon.  I was misearable but had no one to take me to the doctor.  I had noticed my right leg was getting alittle soar and that I was running a major fever but I was too out of it to look for the thermometer.  Friday Night I talked to my friend and savoir Jackie who happens to be an RN.  Saturday morning she had to come to town to go on a trip to see the Lion King, I was suppose to be going with her GGGGGRRRRRRRR But was to sick to go.  She stoppped at my house before she left and told me to get my butt to the hospital immediately.  My lower leg was now very red and starting to swell.

So DS#2 wakes up DS#1 who grumbled the whole time about having to get up early on a saturday, but takes me to the hospital.  Upon arrival my temp is 104.8, I do not have the flu or any illness I have a blood infection called cellulites it comes from picking a scab that then becomes infected.  Two shots in the Butt, a blood draw, and being iced down to lower my temp to normal range.  They sent me home with instruction of tylenol and motrin for the fever and to continue with the ice packs.

Well this is what my leg looked like yesterday.


I could only get this one picture to load.  Also sad to day the tattoo you see in this picture of my Grangmother iris’ is no longre on my leg.  Stay posted for more pics and details of my cellulitis saga!



  1. I’m glad to see that you are home again and hopefully well on the road to recovery.

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