Posted by: Diane F | December 28, 2007

Home from the both hospitals

 I will warn you ahead of time that if you are not into blood or trama situations DO NOT OPEN the thumb nails to look at them larger.

After 9 days at the local hospital a lot of bi$#*ing  I came home.  At which time my leg looked like this.

2007-09192007_1121.jpg  Most of the yellow shaded skin fell off leaving a hard leather like brown tissue, basically dead skin similar to skin that has a 3rd degree burn.  By that ime it was a week later at time for another local doctor visit.  He wasn’t happy and and said that I needed to go to Eau Claire and see a specialist.  2 days later I was at the specialists, he took a swab to check for staph (that was negative just like the 3 others they took at the local hospital).  The specialist sent me straight down to the surgeon who took one look and sent me straight down to the operation prep area.  By 7 pm that evening I was being wheeled into surgery.  Almost all of the skin that shows either red or yellow in the pictures had most or all of the layers taken off.  OUCH!  but I had lots of good drugs. 

A snow storm kept all my visitors away so I can’t thank the girls from MQ Resources enough for your well wishes as I at least had Internet available to me at the second hospital.  The surgery was Thursday night and I was released on the following Monday.  Nurses were to come every day to change the bandage.  Here is what it looked like on the day after I came home from the hospital.

2007-09192007_1206.jpg  I only have a picture of the inside of the leg.  Most all of the outside of the leg was one large open sore at this time.  I spent most of my time with my leg elevated either while in bed or in front of the TV.  I had lots of good pain meds that kept me mostly in phases of sleep.  The sores were dressed with a great new er product called aqua cell that actually has real silver in it.  HMMM I wonder what heat would do to it????? any way back on track, this stuff promotes healing and keeps infection out.  I can’t say how great this stuff works all the nurses and doctors are amazed at my progress.

I see the plastic surgeon in the morning for the final decision as to whether I will need a skin graphed or not.  So expect another update with more pictures soon.



  1. Diane, I am glad you are back home and I hope you can heal quickly from this point. I’m really sorry to hear you have been going through this.

  2. OMG Diane! I had tried to picture it, from your description on the phone, but holy crap, Batman! Oh, I’m so glad you are doing better and you still have your leg!

  3. Wow, wow!! Dang.
    I can’t think of anything else to say. Do they have any idea how long you’ll be off your feet?

  4. Healing varies as per who you talk to and how good I am about being off my feet and how well I am eating. But I am probably at least 4-6 weeks yet until I am totally healed. I have been quilting some. I did 4 twin size, 3 were e2e and one was a simple custom. I usually have 2 or 3 good days and the have to spend the next one mostly in bed. Taking it slow is the name of the healing game.

  5. Diane, I guess I have a morbid curiosity and opened the thumbnails larger and quickly closed them. I thought after seeing DH’s toe with a staph infection eating it away, I could handle it. At any rate, please continue to take care of yourself.

  6. oh. oh. diane. like randi i thought i could envision it from our phone chat but oh. oh. diane. girl you be good to yourself and i can’t see me picking a scab ever again!

  7. Diane!!!!! Man!!!!! Glad you are on the upside of this I hope!!! And good to see you back!! Still sending hugs & prayers.

  8. Holy Crap! A pic is worth a thousand workds. Thank goodness for surgeons & medical workers that can help us when we need them. Please take care so you can heal well. {{hugs}}

  9. Diane I’m so glad that you are doing so much better. Yep follow the dr’s orders and let your body heal. On a side other job is for an agency that sends in the homecare workers such as the nurses that you’ve had. I was in Acute Care for the last several months so got to read up on lots of “stories” such as yours. Its amazing the wound care products that are available now.

  10. Holy crap indeed! I’m so glad your nurse friend bullied you into the hospital before that got past the point of no return!

    I’m another one of those people who can make a mosquito bite last for a month ’cause I keep scratching & picking at it -I think you just cured me. Please, please do exactly what the doctors order. You can get another tattoo once it’s healed, replacing the leg would be way more trouble!

    BTW, am I the only one who thought those purple lines in pic #1 look like air-erase pen marking?

    Prayers & healing thoughts,


  11. So glad to see you are on the mend! Lots of people care about you.

  12. Oh, honey! I had no idea it was this bad! Scott’s sister struggled with this, but I never saw it. PLEASE do as your doctor says and stay off of your feet! Whatever quilts you have to do can wait. It’s not worth risking your health! You’ve definitely been missed on MQR.

  13. Wow, Diane, that is terrible. I’m glad you are doing better but man it looks like your leg has a long way to go. My son had cellulitis on his elbow but not near as bad as you. Also, just wanted to tell you my husband and I spent 2 months at Eau Clair in 2005. He worked with our son on a Mennard’s. They wired in the conveyor system.

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