Posted by: Diane F | January 28, 2008

Yes I am Still Here

Ok I have been getting some emails asking how I am doing so I thought I at least better get something posted.  The wounds are healing, but slower than I would like.  I am so sick of sitting around with my foot in the air.  It has really made things very tough for us financially.  Being in business for yourself has great benefits most of the time,  except there isn’t any sick pay.  I have done a few quilts and have some pics to post on a later post. 

For today I wanted to report that I went to my regular doctor this morning.  First thing I did was get on the scale.  I knew I had lost some weight by how my clothes were fitting.  Well it was 20 lbs of success since I left the hospital on November 20th.  I have not been doing anything more than being more aware of what I put into my mouth and how much.  Exercise is still kinda hard.  I usually not very hungry and have to make myself eat.  I think that is the meds I am on.

Well I gotta run the nurse is on her way and I gotta shower before she gets here. 

Have  great day everyone!



  1. I’m glad to hear you are healing!! I’m sorry it’s slow going!! Hang in there!!

  2. I check your blog regularly for updates. Glad to see one today. Sorry it is going so slow. Hooray on the 20 lbs, though!

  3. Glad it is getting better Diane. Congratulations on the weight lose.

  4. Sorry things are taking so long to heal. Hope you start feeling better faster. Glad to hear things are starting to mend.

  5. Diane, bless your heart!! You have really been put through the wringer! Healing hugs sent to you!!

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