Posted by: Diane F | April 19, 2008

I wanna Thump and it isn’t even Thursday

OK, So one of the many problems that have occurred recently at our home is the computer crashed!   GRRRRRRRR

Minor fix $100 which we really didn’t have.  I had a great quilt post on green quilting that I had read about in Quilter’s Home magazine and yes I should be linking you to Pickle road here but GGGRRRRRR.

I was good today and found something to do while seated on my butt with my leg elevated to keep the swelling down from the cellulitis.  I took pictures to share and blog about, well thump it any way the dang puter wouldn’t let me down load the pictures off the camera. 

And of course I couldn’t find the disc to go with the camera.  When I asked the DS’s to help search they disappeared.

So now I am just gonna go to bed.  I will be making the boys get up early and search so hopefully I can share some pictures.





  1. If I had a nerf gun I’d send it to you right now just to help you moitivate them a tad 😉

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