Posted by: Diane F | April 22, 2008

Finally the Meme answers

It took two months for me to get around to it, but awhile back both Christine and Randi tagged me for a 7 things meme.  I am being bad here as I was suppose to link you to them.  They are both on my blog roll so take a look there.

7 weird, odd or things you didn’t know about me.

1.  I grew up in Shakopee MN,  the 6th of seven children.  My mom refers to me as the pinkest baby ever.  My older sister is the oldest, then came 4 boys, then me then my younger sister.  So everyone gave me pink baby clothes as they new my mom was tired of blue.

2.  While there are a couple of places where I live now that make a great hamburger,  in my opinion the best place in the world to eat a hamburger is Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie MN.  All they do is hamburers and fries and they do them well.  I think they have more selection of beverages than they do of food.

3.  I know you all know that I am a Nascar Nut, that is not new.  How ever there is a question in the Nascar commercials “NASCAR, How bad have you got it?”   The answers to that question is where the weird comes in.    A.  I am brought to tears every year when they wave the green flag at the Daytona 500.  B.  I cry like a baby at the end of the movie “Cars”  when Lightning McQueen stops short of the finish line to back up and push “The King” ( Richard Petty) across the finish line and Ligthning answers the King’s why question with because the King deserves to finish the last race of his life. Ok I am balling now just typing it.  C.  Since going to the race in Kansas City last fall, I get chills everytime they show the fly over for the current race.  This is one of the memories I have stashed in my brain that will always bring me to a happy place.

4.  My favorite ice cream flavor in the world is Baskin Robbins Chocolate and Peanut butter.  It was a must for all night cram sessions in college.

5.  Snakes are my biggest fear, followed closely by open heights like bridges.  Hard to beleive I once parasailed when in Mexico,  I think that didn’t bother me because it was over water that I could swim in.  I was a lifeguard in High School and College and swimming is not one of my fears.

6.  Small town beats big city when vacationing,  Ely Mn, The boundry Waters, Cook City MT,  Moose Lake MN,  Hurley WI, or Crane Lake MN, these are the places I prefer,  NYC, DC or LA are not my kinda place I come back from those type of places needing another vacation.  Way to busy and too much traffic.  How ever Kansas City in on my May Radar if I can talk DH into it when he gets back from Vegas.

7.    When I was in college aged I learned the Budwieser creed on a innertubing trip down the Apple River in Somerset WI and can still recite it word for word.  As for the Shakespeare I had to memorize in High school, those fell by the way side.  Yes I guess you could say I was a party girl in my younger days.  SSSSHHHHH don’t tell my boys. 

Boy I think Jeff foxworthy might be able to get a few redneck jokes out of this blog.  If you can stand on an innertube holdinga a can of budweiser beer in your hand and recite the budwieser creed, you might be a red neck.


Ok I think that is enough weird stuff for tonight.  I do want you all to come back and visit my blog and if I keep confessing you might not do that.



  1. Oh I choke up on that moment in Cars too!! And I’m not even a race car fan? And the budweiser creed sounds more fun anyway 😉 Good to see you back blogging!!

  2. i’m glad your blogging a bit again. and i don’t think you’re weird at all…..okay maybe just a little bit. 🙂 love the header pic!

  3. Love the 7 things! Thanks for playing…btw, I get really emotional a lot watching stuff on NASCAR…even the start of the season opening ceremonies, too. I get teary eyed frequently.

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