Posted by: Diane F | April 26, 2008

Saturday check in

Well, the CD I need to down load pics onto my computer is still MIA.  A friend of mine did down load the pics from the camera on her computer as DS#1 needed some for a school project.  I asked her to email me the other ones, but I have not yet recieved them.  I think she may have been alittle pre-occupied with the fact that she was leaving later that day to go to Paducah, for the quilt show.  I think I can let it slide this time. LOL. 

Well last night was phone call free, I did have one the night before and when it was trace it comes up as a number from the internet that is used for pranks.  As long as the phone stays quiet after 10pm I won’t push the issue any further.

DH is on his first real week at his new job.  So he is working today until 4pm.  His new schedule will be W- Sat, 4 – 10 hr days.  So I will have him in my hair on Monday and Tuesdays when I am trying to quilt.  Talk about putting a kink in my creative process.  I guess those days will be reserved for E2E kind of stuff.  Either that or he will be wanted to go out to do stuff.  I guess I better just make Saturday’s a work day for myself now too.  He is a much happier camper with this new job, no #%$%^@& (you fill in the blank, the worse the more accurate) for a boss, better pay and a white shirt instead of a blue one.

As for my leg, I was able to nip that cellulitis flare up in the bud as I started the antibiotics soon enough and with a strong enough dose.  I have 4 sores still open on my leg, 1″x2″ on the inside of my leg,  1″ around on the front of the leg, and two that are about 2″ around on the outside of the leg.  As of right now we don’t have any insurance, but on June 1 it will kick in again.  I am going to have my regular doctor make me an appointment at a dematologist for as early in June as possible, but in the mean time I will just keep them clean.


I have been having some fun making Journals with my pratice crap pieces from the LA, and am anxious to show you all.  I have also been using the old yoyo’s and GFG pieces that I have accumulated from estate sales and auctions.  I think that I may plan to sell these at our quilt show in July.  I may even investigate a esty store.  I have however found myself desiring more shiva paint sticks as the pack I have only has 6 colors and I want a package like the big 164 crayola color pack.  Things have not changed since I was little as DM would always want me to just get the 24 pack and I would always beg for the bigger pack,  I did use all the colors in the box, the more the merrier IMHO.


Well I had better get to the quilt on the frame, by way of the furnace as winter seems to be trying to sneak back in here in Wisconsin and I need to fire it up so I am warm enough to do a good job.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Here’s hoping you get a full nights sleep and those spots heal up!! And those shiva things are addicting….. we won’t even talk about the size of our crayon tackle box……..

  2. Diane, so glad to read that you were able to get the cellulitis under control right away!

  3. Wishing you nothing short of a wonderful year, I am so glad to see you up and about and conquering your health issues, makes me proud to know you. Stay well and I can’t wait to see more of your work when you are feeling better… Thanks for all your support and encouragement, and I am sending it back to you 10 fold. Hugs Diane

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