Posted by: Diane F | May 1, 2008

Thursday Thumper

But first I digress, HAPPY MAY DAY ALL!


I was all set to thump about my DS who has yet to learn how to think about the consequence’s of his actions before he does them.

However, yesterday I tried to purchase the liscenceplate tabs for our camper.  They happen to be due the same day as the ones for my truck.  I purchased them both at the local convieniencestore last year, so off I went to get them this year.  Several years ago the brilliant (NOT) powers that be in Madison WI (St. Capitol) decided since the Dept of Transportation registration trust could not keep up with the vehicle tabs in a timely manner, they would allow to purchase them at other sites.  Well here is where they need the thump.  They allow me the ability to purchase my tabs for my truck and car at said convenience store, however you are not allowed to purchase your camper tabs. (What in the hell are they thinking, oh yes they don’t think down there.)  I can go on the internet to get them with a credit or debit card and pay a fee. NOT!  So off  I go back home to get it all ready to mail, make my copy of the check and reminder and go to the post office.  I had the attendant at the post office hand stamp it so I knew that it was postmarked with yesterdays date as if it would have today’s date on it I would have to pay a late fee.  OH yes the nice girl at the convenience store called the number on the computer that came up when she tried to process the camper tabs, and 15 minutes later she was finally able to talk to someone, but as par for the course this person knew nothing and had to pass her along, finally on the 4th person, all they could tell her was she was not allowed to sell these tabs and that there was no way I had purchased them at there store last year. (I happen to have the receipt in the camper for last years tabs)


So how is it that I could rip on my son this morning for not thinking about consequence’s of his actions when the people we elect to hold office in Madison (and in DC, but let’s save that for another Thursday) can’t think ahead to what happens after they decide one more way to tell us how to do something.  WHEN WILL THEY STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE IN THE PROCESS OF TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER??????????????????????????????????????????


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