Posted by: Diane F | May 3, 2008

a week in review

After a less than stellar weeked last weekend, I was bound an determined to have a better week this week.  The week started off with a trip to the principles office, boy do I wish I had a rolling eye face to insert here.  DS was the reason for the less than stellar weekend.  Ready to put that behind us, I loaded quilt number one of 3 that I quilted this week, finished #1 in time to take it to our monthly stitch n’ %itch to deliver it to the customer and friend.  It is for her mother for mothers day.  She loved it.  I was so tired I just flipped through some magazines instead of sewing, oh yes I did do my fair share of the %itch’n, we all have kids the same age as DS so they understood.  When I got home I had to cook myself supper as no one thinks it is necessary to leave anything from my first round of cooking dinner for me to eat.

Tuesday took me to the Chiropractor as all this leg stuff has my back and upper leg in a tizzy.  I came home loaded #2 and finished it, then loaded #3.  #3 took three days,  a trip to the massage place, and a stop at the quilt shop near here foe retail therapy for me to finish it.  2 & 3 are being picked up today woo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took previously said DS to pick up his tux for prom on Thursday night.  Was also treated to supper by DH. 

Made a point this week to get at least two things done a day that I have needed to get done for moths and months, as well as keeping up with current stuff.  I did pretty good on that this week and hope to carry that into next week.  I just figure that I would be too overwelmed to try and get all the past due stuff taken care of looking at one big list, but one or two things added to the days list seems managable.


DS made a request for Cheesecake for his desert with his supper.  He is taking his date to a friend of ours resaurant, so they can see him all dressed up.  She is making them something special that is not on the regular menu, and I am bringing in the cheese cake for their desert.  So while I was in the kitchen this morning I also started the bread machine to make a pan of cinnamon rolls, it is the 3rd time I have made them since Jan posted a picture of her’s. 

Well the quilts have now been picked up and I will load the next one on the frame this afternoon.  Nascar is on tonight so I will be watching that with a breif break to go to the Grand March for Prom.  I sure hope I get the camera down loading figured out, or find the disc to fix the problem.  This blogging without pictures isn’t as fun or interesting.

So have a great weekend all!



  1. My gosh…I’m tired just reading all that! LOL!

  2. Oh, and I was glad to read that it sounds like DS is still going to get to go to prom. 🙂

  3. LOL Oh great now I want more cinnamon rolls!!! 😀 And I hope the prom turns out great!! I agree with Randi… I am tired just reading all that too!! Go Diane!!!

  4. I hope your week starts improving. Hey, it’s almost half done!

    Yep, teenagers! Have two and the t-shirt to prove it! 😉 (DS told me his friend’s mother was going to call me to “discuss” something. My first reaction was “What have you done now?” I’m still waiting for the call so maybe no news is good news. 😀 )

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