Posted by: Diane F | May 15, 2008

Hello, it’s Thursday can we all say THUMP

Thump #1, I am sitting at home with flair up #3 of the cellulitis instead of in Kansas City at MQS where I had planned to meet Jan.  That is Machine quilters showcase for those non-quilter reader, it is a quilt show and classes all about Machine quilting.  The money I had saved for gas, hotel and goodies all went to the doctor yesterday.  This said doctor deserves a major THUMP of her own but I am not gonna go there right now.

THUMP #2, I want to know what the people at Yopliat yogurt are smokin’ cause I want some.  They advertise losing weight with their yogurt, well yes the calcuim is a good thing, BUT, and that is a BIG BUT, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS NOT.  Yup I look at the label the other day and right there the second ingredient in the lower calorie variety is the HF corn syrup.  So I am now on the Dannon Light and fit band wagon and erge anyone who buy’s Yopliat yogurt to think twice before they buy it next time .  It is not as healthy for you as they are trying to make us believe.

OK, all done thumping. Hope you all have a great day!



  1. Missed seeing you today!! And YES THUMP anyone who thinks about putting HFCS in anything….. for what it’s worth… we use stoneyfield plain and add or dip our own fruit. It’s good & no sugar of any kind added.

  2. Diane, bummer on the cellulitus! Hope it resolves soon!

    Re: Yogurt- DH makes his own all the time. Very cost effective and yummy, too.

  3. Diane, how rotten that the cellulitis is causing more problems again!

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