Posted by: Diane F | May 18, 2008

I was suppose to be quilting in a quilt-a-thon

But I plum forgot about it until late yesterday afternoon.   Judy at Patchwork times is running a quiltathon this weekend and I had all the best intentions of playing.  Well I woke up and instead of my usual morning trip to the computer where my post-it note was, I shook the 2 ds’ out of bed and got afew house hold things done.  Them DS#1 and I went to run some errands, dog food, chainsaw blades, lawn mower battery and finally the best stop, the Amish Green house.

Here are my goodies from there

On the way to the next stop we ran across the Amish fabric store, it is new and I had not been there before.  I was good and only spent $18, but that got me 6 yards of 60 wide 100% cotton yellow fabric and 6 yards of a Valori Wells garden print.  Yes the fabric was $1 and $2 per yard repectively.  Most of what she had was cotton/poly blend that they use for their clothing but she did have some 100% cottons so I will go back there again.

The next stop was for lunch and to pick some rhurbarb.  Once home I went to work on some jam and a batch of the bars that I posted about a couple weeks back. 

 Wased and ready for cuttingThe finished bars, as you can see they have already been raided.  These don’t last long at all at our house.  I was a sneaky Mom this time and use 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour.  I will use more next time!

This is the start of the jam cooking, after it sat over night for the sugar to liquify. 

Then it boils for 15 minutes and I add one package of Strawberry jello and pour into jars.  I make sure to have a small amount for the bowl as it sure make a great PB&J.  Guess what’s for lunch?  MMMMMM I can’t wait!

So after this was all done (the jam I did this morning, it had been started last night though) I finally get to the computer to see the note.  Well it was time for the Nascar all star race so I set a small table in front of me to do some cutting while my right leg was being elevated.  That was awkward. When the race was over I did some sewing.  I didn’t get very far, but here is what I did start.

Have a great day!



  1. that jam just looks beautiful diane. yum.

  2. Yummy, that jam looks fantastic as does the quilt…. Enjoy and hope your good health continues. If you ever want to come to Oregon let me know….

  3. Mmmmm, rhubarb! I miss my rhubarb plant. (They are easy to grow, a “must” for me.) Forgot to bring it with me to Oregon. Guess I really should start another one here. The other one was not only a great variety and quite prolific in producing a large crop but an heirloom plant. 😦

    Enjoy the jam and I love your choice of plant color!

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