Posted by: Diane F | May 21, 2008

Green Smoothie for Lunch

In a need to get my vegies in, especially spinich for the iron, I was very interested in a recent post on green smoothies by my friend Susan .  I love smooties so I thought I would give it a try.  I made a strawberry- kiwi-orange juice- spinich smootie for my lunch.

While it doesn’t look appetizing, it really did taste very good.  The orange juice should help me absorb the iron from the spinich better.  So this was a win win in my book. 


Well now that I am done with my lunch, I have to go and quilt quilt #2, I should get 3 done today as they are all just my budget meander.  Gotta love those kind of days.

On the leg healing progress, I am back to keeping it wrapped durring the day, and heavy on the healthy foods and extra vitamins.  It really seams to be helping.  I have a goal to have the sores healed by the end of June!



  1. Oh I hope you make that goal!!! We do smoothies all the time, but I draw the line at spinach 😉 Throw some plain yogurt in there too! We hide ground flax seed in them too 😉 Great for the omegas!! But I don’t think I could do spinach…. You’d have to trick me into it 😀

  2. Jan, I can’t do cooked spinach. I can only do fresh, I was suprised when I tried it and it wasn’t much different than regular lettuce. I have done them before with yogurt and fruit, just never green like Susan describes. I will have to put flax seed on my shopping list. Thanks!

  3. I know you will meet your goal and soar beyond it.. Best wishes to you…… I started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills and Vitamin E tablets as well, I just cannot get into the health food thing… Fresh Fruit and veggies and fresh salmon I can do but not the smoothies or vegan thing… Take good care….

  4. I believe I would like this. I will try it soon. I found you through amanda jean. I am glad I did. I really love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love green smoothies and love adding cinnamon to mine.

    The kiwi also helped the iron absorption since kiwi has more vitamin C than oranges! Cool, eh?

  6. Well I learned something new about kiwi’s today, thanks Kristen. I thought about trying an apple based on and adding cinnamon to that.

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