Posted by: Diane F | May 24, 2008

Power sewing this morning, now I need a nap

Well I thought I would just quickly get my Block of the week #4 done, well in the process of hunting for more pink and purple fabric, I found an old UFO with 12 block complete just needed to cut and sew sashing and borders.  I also knew that I had to sew the borders on a mystery quilt that I had the center done on.  So that is what I was doing so far today.

So here is the block

The next one was a QOV mystery that I modified to make larger.  It will be given to one of my DS#2’s teachers.  He has watched out for my boys over and above the call of duty these last two years and deserves a special thank-you.  It will go on the frame as soon as I finish the T-shirt quilt that is on there now.  The colors are washed out from the sun, but most are civil war reproductions.  All of the fabrics were from my stash!

And last but not least, I was thinking while working on this churn dash, wow this is just going so smoothly.  I got it sewn to the point where I had two halves left to put together, when I noticed I had really screwed up in putting the blocks together.  They are supposed to be alternated, but I was not going to rip it out. This will just fall into that done is better than perfect catagory. These colors don’t even go in my house, I am not sure why I even bought the kit?  I must have liked it when I bought it 3 or so years ago.  I may put this one up for adoption if someone can show me just the right place that this mis-sewn quilt would look just perfect!  Anyone have any suggestions show me in your blog!

Now I have to pack the camper for tomorrow, I may just take a nap while I am in there.  It is the best place to take one.  No phone to wake me up!



  1. Oh heck, I need a nap from just reading! Take one for me too!! The funny thing is, 9 out of 10 peeps probably wouldn’t even notice the squares if you didn’t point it out 😀 Really love that second one! Have a great camping trip! Eat a smore for me!

  2. Jan, The 9 out of 10 reason is why I left them just where they were. The smores supplies were the first thing on the grocery list. Now I get to eat two one for you and one for me!

  3. I didn’t notice the colors of the churn dash blocks either! Would it be a good QOV quilt?

  4. I thought of QOV, as the size is about right for that. The colors are very feminine, the are the watermelon picnic fabric from Thimbleberries from anout 3 years ago or so.

  5. wow. busy little beaver! tops look great. wtg!

  6. Look at all this productivity! The tops are fab…what a great gift for your son’s teacher…he will love it.

  7. Thanks for the tip on the QAL. I love that you think done is better than perfect. Hand made things aren’t perfect and that’s what I love about them. As for the colors…even if they aren’t your favorites now, a beautiful, and yes, this one is beautiful (and has tons of character) handmade quilt is one of the best gifts anyone could receive.

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