Posted by: Diane F | June 5, 2008

One great Teacher and a walk through the yard, mini thump

Today was quilt delivery day for DS#2.  This is Mr. Radle pictured with Dusty and the quilt we gave him.  Sometimes you have that one teacher who really helps out, he was a godsend to all of us here at our house.  He went above and beyond when I was in the hospital last fall and the later when I was home and couldn’t do much.  I personally needed to just say more than Thank-you, and how does  a quilter say more than than-you but bestow a quilt onto that special person.

The other morning I was watering some plants and thought “oh, I should really share how great these pansy’s look”  they just love this cool spring we are having here in Wisconsin. 

Next my lilacs were blooming, I caught them here towards the end of their bloom.  I would love to bring some in but they reek havoc on my allergies.

The next two flower remind me of my 98 year old grandmother.  The iris comes from my Grandmothers garden at the house where my father grew up.  This was the first one to bloom this year.  (mental note to have DH repaint the siding on the addition, use primer this time, Thursday thump) Now there are probably about 10 to 15 blooming beautifully.  The second picture is just of the violets that I allow to run willy nilly through my flower beds as my Grandmother name it Viola, every one just calls her Vi, so as  child I thought that was short for Violet.  Thus these violets are spared being contained as the remind me of Her.

Now that I have the binding done and quilt delivered I might have some time to get my next block of the week done.  If not there always is next week when Judy has another quiltathon, that I am planning on participating at least one day on.

On another note today is the last day of school for the boys, so my season of being referree will sart tomorrow.  Have a great day!



  1. Oh! So much pretty eye candy I missed any thumps! 🙂 Do you have a whistle or fog horn for referee duty! 🙂

  2. I’m assuming being a ref was the mini thump? Love the quilt…that was a great way to say thanks.

  3. OK the mini thump is in the thought to self about having DH repaint the siding. He didn’t use primer last time so it is peeling. The Thursday Thump is on DH!

  4. wow. beautiful pansies and lilacs are my fave too. they just don’t last long enough. enjoy your last day of school!

  5. Love the quilt you gave to your son’s teacher. We had a teacher like that, and he’s still part of our family. Your yard looks fabulous! Sure makes me wish I lived in a cooler climate!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I love flowers, and your are beautiful. Great job on the quilt.

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