Posted by: Diane F | February 18, 2009

Another quilt you missed while I was away from blog world

This quilt was a customer’s (friend).  While working on the quilt doing the ruler work, my DS#1 was watching over my shoulder.  When I finished, he said “Wow that looks boring, I hope you are charging big bucks for that.”  I just had to laugh.  My son actually has an idea of what constitutes simple E2E and custom quilting.  Maybe he was listening when I thought that he wasn’t!

Now for the quilt (I cut mine out the same time she cut out her’s, mine is still a UFO)  It is made from all Thimbleberries cream fabric. We had seen one just like it at Main Street Cotton Shop, the store that is connected to Lynette Jensens studio, and when we got home I ordered the 3 bolts of fabric whole sale.  It took nearly all of the 3 bolts to make the tops and backs for 2 quilts. 

I don’t have enough room in my house for a full shot, so here are some of the parts.





So, I hope you enjoyed the quilt for today.



  1. di, i too have quilted that same quilt. twice. i have at least one more like it to do. sigh. although it’s a beautiful quilt when done! i hope you charged a buttload too!

  2. That’s beautiful!! You were missed from blogworld by the way 😉

  3. That looks really great, Diane!

  4. Diane, beautiful quilting!!!

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