Posted by: Diane F | March 7, 2009

some of the old quilts in my collection and one fun one

I thought I could share some of my antique quilts with you.  I have never had the money to buy the pristine ones, but I do love the ones I have.





Thesefour quilts were purchased for something like 4 0r 5 dollars each at an estate sale.  I think I got such a good deal because they smelled like moth balls.  Nothing a wash and air dry outside on the line didn’t take care of.  All 3 of these quilts have wool batting’s inside.  The nine patch quilt is hand quilted and the blue fabric is a chintz.  The bowtie is made completely out of wool suiting material.  The string pieced quilt is one of my favorites in my collection, as I love string pieced quilts of any kind.  The last one is just squares, with a wild array of cotton prints.  Many are feedsacks.  I do use these in my camper as they get gentle use in there and are great for those chilly nights.


This nine patch is made mostly from fabrics from before 1900, but there are a few that are from the 1920’s or 30’s.  the backing fabric is definitely from the 30’s.  The older ninepatches are hand pieced, and just the three or four with the 30’s fabric are done on the machine.  The quilt top is sewn together with both hand and machine piecing in the sashing.  I makes me wonder if this quilt was started by one woman and completed by one of her descendants, or if it was started as a young girl and finished later in life. 

The red material in this quilt is very fragile so I does not get used.  It is on display in my hutch and has been brought out only for quilt shows.




This last quilt is a three generation quilt.  When DS#1 was younger he liked to piece quilts.  My mother wanted to piece a quilt with him while they were at the cabin.  She had all kinds of fabric with people in it and loved the house quilt on the front of an issue of quiltmaker magazine.  However it was an 8″ block, and she wanted the block bigger.  I redrafted it to a 12″ block.  So she and DS#1 pieced the top during a week at the cabin.  Then she brought it to me to quilt.  This was quilted about 3 weeks after I got my quilting machine.  It kind of makes me cringe to look at, but it makes me understand just how far I have come.

Enjoy the quilts and have a great weekend!



  1. I love your quilt collection, Diane. If I close my eyes I can “feel” the fabrics on your old ones.

    And the house quilt is sooooo clever! Are there people in each window?

    Your first quilting is delightful. You showed your eye for variation and balance even then.

  2. Wow, those are some really neat quilts! You got a great bargain!

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