Posted by: Diane F | May 11, 2009

I found some round tuit’s this weekend

I always bite off more than I can chew.  I want to do things for others and then when I can’t get them done, or don’t get them done, I feel awful.  Which then inturn causes me to fall deeper into the cycle.  Once in a while I found those round tuit’s and can get into a grove of getting stuff done.  I am in one those phases right now.

One bad thing about those phases is I have a tendancy to shop.  Well I purchased this fabric.


I like this fabric but could have done without it.  The reason that I bought it was because of this.


See those salveges.  The fabric designer’s name is Debi Hron.  Well my maiden name in Hron.  My godmother’s name is Debbie and she is my dad’s sister.  I know that isn’t the same spelling, but I could just see a selvage post card in her future.  Now if I could find a fabric designer whose name is Diane I could splice them together to sign my quilts.

Next I will tell you that I joined a quilt-a-long over Crazymomquilts .  The premise is to make one nine patch a day for like 80 days to have a twin quilt tops.  I am doing them 3 at a time 2 to 3 times a week.  Here is my progress so far.




Ok so that is it for today.  I have more to share, like the quilt from my new blog header and a tutorial.  I also have some other WIP’s to share so stay tunes.  I am not making any promises cause that just get’s me into the cycle.  I will just say that I already have the pictures for those things downloaded to the computer and that is usually where I drag my feet.

I wish you all a very productive day!



  1. So glad to see you posting. I was wondering about you the other day, and thinking I need to email or call you…but have I gotten ’round tuit? No…but I have been thinking of you!

  2. 🙂 Very nice Diane!!!! Good to see you!! I’d mail you some round tuit’s if I knew that’s what you needed!!!!

  3. Just found your blog. Very nice. Was wondering about the quilt you posted about on Jan 31. Where did you get the backing for it with the little chicks and sheep?? I love it!


    • Beth, That was a quilt that belongs to a friend of mine. I quilted it for her and I know that the backing came from her stash of reproduction fabrics. Hard to say when it was out on the market. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
      I am glad you enjoyed my blog.

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