Posted by: Diane F | June 10, 2009

Wednesday again, and Thumpin’ Thursday early

Well Wednesday means WIP update.  I have been making progress on two of my projects from 2 of the Moda scrap bags that I bought.  I have sew many ideas for the other scrap bags that are sitting on my shelf taunting me to come and play with them, but alas I must finish a project before I can start a new one. 

I am finished piecing the top of project one.  It only needs a date with the iron and it will be ready for quilting.


On the second project I have the strip sets sewn together.  This is the one that I have been taking pictures for the tutorial.  I am keeping it a mystery to you all as to the finished top until I am finished.  Here is a peak at the strip sets.



As you can see these have a date with the iron also.  Now what day was it that Grandma told me was ironing day??????  The answer to that lies on a kitchen towel I received as a set for a wedding shower gift some 20 years ago. 

Ok time to get back on task, next is a peak at some of my nine patch a day blocks I have been working on.  I have started to sew the sashings on and I am using a setting square instead of solid sashing.  So I was pondering making this a baby quilt and then I would be done with this one and could get back to those scrap bags that are taunting me.


Lastly, while it is not quilt related, it is a WIP so here is a updated pick of my still unhealed leg.  I am off in an hour to the dermatologist to get re-wrapped to try and finally get this healed.  Don’t enlarge the thumb nail unless you like to look at gross stuff.


As for thumping, I will just say, I have answered the phone 10 times in the hour I have been up and only ONE call was not a telemarketer, no call list my butt!!!!!!! enough said.


Tomorrow I am off with a girlfriend to the Minnesota quilt show in Duluth.  So I better get rockin’ on stuff here.  Thanks for checkin’ in here!


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