Posted by: Diane F | June 22, 2009

First Day of Flimsy Week

What is a Flimsy, you ask.  Well a flimsy is a completed quilt top.  Of which I have many.  I am going to start a FLIMSY FRIDAY, or a NOT SO FLIMSY FRIDAY post.  This is in an effort to get some of my quilt tops quilted and bound.  I am going to start with a whole week of flimsy.  I have two on my list now.  I will post a pic of one below today. The second tomorrow  and so on.  After this week is over I will try to make it a weekly feature.   Posting a new blog twice a week should be doable, WIP Wednesday and Flimsy Friday.  When the bug hits me I can always blab about other stuff, but for now that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

This quilt top was made from a Moda Scrap Bag from the Aviary line from 3 sister’s.  The cream is a Moda Marble, Flag if I remember correctly.  I ordered it from the Fat Quarter Shop   all I did was call them to tell them what I was working with and to match the best cream to go with Aviary and how much I needed.  They added  it to the charming  jelly cake I had ordered on line for another project and the rest is history.

Coins in the Moda Scrap Bag

Coins in the Moda Scrap Bag



  1. You are busy and getting so much done, I love this quilt and the other one….. Think I should come stay with you so i can finfish something…. hugs

  2. Love the quilt top and the soft colors of the fabric.

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