Posted by: Diane F | June 23, 2009

Day two of Flimsy week

First I need to apologize for the picture quality.  I can’t seem to get those clear bright pictures other people seem to get.  I guess it is time to investigate a new camera.

This top pre-dates my longarm by several years.  It was a friendship block from a guild I belonged to.  I made several kits from my stash.  Some had the blue and cream fabrics and some only had the cream.  Most of the blues in my stash at that time came from my Mother, Mary Ann’s quilt-shop.  One of which was a Gunnie Sax brand fabric that she had made me a skirt out of. 

So here is Blue Dutchman’s Puzzle


This next one was the one that I had the skirt made out of.


This one next one is from my mother’s shop.  She sold a ton of this print.  I know that it also came in brown as I have some of that in a scrap quilt I made a while ago.


another one typical of the late 80’s early 90’s


Finally I think this one may have been my favorite blue to come out of her shop.  I sure wish that I had several yards of it left.  Hey, if any of you surfers are fabric designers, tweek this one  a little and add it to your next RW&B line.  I will surely buy a bolt!


I guess the fabrics look better large than they do a a thumbnail.  I did take this right off of the shelf, I am sure it would have looked better if it was pressed but with a Temp of 101 yesterday, and A/C not working, you get the pics as is.

Oh yes,  these flying geese units were homework for the guild members for a technique that was new at the time.  I am sure many of you already know how it work, but it is a tutorial I have added to my list.

I better get to quilting, as it is only 10 am and is already 92 degrees F.  Have a great day all!



  1. I wish I could get those perfect pictures too. Your really don’t look bad at all.

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