Posted by: Diane F | June 24, 2009

Day 3 of Flimsy week

Today I have a flimsy, a not-so-flimsy and a give away.

Today’s flimsy comes from a pattern that I published several years ago.  I designed a quilt based on a block from a book I have that is from the 1930’s.  the quilt was to be made in RW&B and raffled of by the Durand Fire Department.  While shopping, with one finished block in hand, for additional fabric another customer asked me what pattern I was using as she wanted to buy it.  She gave me her name and address and told me when I published it she would buy one. Well, I did publish it and she bought one.  I still have several of that patterns here.  So since I found 3 with the top this morning they are up for grabs.  Just post a comment today and tomorrow morning when I post the flimsy for the day I will draw the winners. 

The Stars to the Rescue name came about because of the stars on the quilt and the proceeds going to help purchase the new rescue truck.   The original quilt was won by a dear friend and fellow longarmer Deb.   So I needed one as I was promoting my pattern.  I managed to finish a couple of quilts in other colorways, thus the not-so-flimsy.




This not-so-flimsy was a shop sample that I made for Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee MN.  They made it into a kit and sold several.  I like how it kept the red and blue patriotic feel with adding some green from the Christmas line that , most of the fabric came from.  Most of the fabrics are from Moda.  I will admit when I was given the plaid for the border I hated it.  Now each year when I take this out in December I love the plaid even more.



While the pictures I have shown are both the scrappy version.  I have made the quilt using all of the same fabrics in each color position.  It makes for a more uniform looking quilt.  I have a wall hanging size one that is made that way hanging in my studio and get great comments from customers on it.   

I hope you are enjoying this weeks blogs on my flimsy’s.  Happy Quilting everyone!



  1. I love the RW&B colors on the first quilt. The Christmas ones looks great too!

  2. I love the name and even more love the quilt. The one with the red in it is gorgeous!

  3. I love scrap quilts… this one looks like fun to make!

  4. Flimsy-what a whimsical name–sounds much better than UFO!!

    • Terri, I don’t consider a finished quilt top a UFO, I save that term for the tops that aren’t finished. As for the Flimsy term, it is not original, I heard it several years ago, but recently I think I saw Amanda over at use it.

  5. Your pattern is very vintage looking. Nice job!

  6. That would make a great QOV quilt.

    • yes and the pattern has directions for a throw size that fits right into the QOV size requirements

  7. Both are gorgeous but I love the second one……very old looking.

  8. Wonderful quilt. We are trying to raise money for a new fire station building in the small town where my son lives and is a volunteer fireman. This would make a great project for us to do as a raffle.

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