Posted by: Diane F | July 3, 2009

Friday Flimsies and some community service work

The first flimsy was last week feature of the week at the Fat Quarter shop.  I ordered it Friday morning and had it on Monday.  It was an impulse buy, too cute to pass up.  Nothing like Christmas in July.


The second Flimsy is my 9 patch block a day from Amanda , I had a great time making this one and it really helped me get back into enjoying quilting again.  It is going on the frame next as I am contemplating  putting borders on it because of its size not quite being a twin.  I have this problem with everything needing to fit into the bed size category, and by quilting it now I am breaking from my comfort zone.  Just a funny note, while cruising ebay I found a vintage top very similar to this for sale.  I didn’t buy it as mine was prettier IMHO.


On to the community service, DS#2 needed some CS hours and I jokingly suggested that he could quilt some Quilts of Valor.  To my surprise he jumped at the chance.  He has done some quilting on my longarm before, a simple panto graph.  Except this time he wanted to quilt freehand and try to do some Neandering, as he calls it.  (Note to self, speak more clearly when talking quilt design)  So here are a couple pics of him at work.

Today’s quilt,


yesterday’s quilt


And one he did about a month ago


In closing I would like to wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July.



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