Posted by: Diane F | August 10, 2009

New definition for the old acronym BOM

As a quilter when I see BOM, I know that refers to the term Block of the Month.  Well today I am giving it a new definition Block of the MONDAY.  In an effort to finish up some of the BOM (old meaning here) UFO’s I currently have stashed in my sewing rooms.  I thought if I finished one block a week and shared them with you on Monday’s I might actually finish up those tops and be able to share them with you on flimsy Friday’s once in a while.

While doing some stash rearranging last week I happened across the first of the BOM’s (old) I will be sharing.  It is called Afternoon Tea, by Judy Flanagan.  I  found that I only had 3 months left to finish of the block piecing.  I even found that I already had the blocks cut out so I only needed to complete the sewing.  This is the pattern picture and the pattern page for this weeks block.  I have covered the directions somewhat to protect Judy’s copyright.


I had intended to put my top together in the medalion setting shown in the top layout.  Now I am considering the layout from the lower left, which would mean I would have to make some additional blocks, but hey that would just mean more to share with you all.

So here are my block #8’s.  Two already have their setting triangles on them as they were already finished when I found the UFO stashed away in a tote. 


 This fabric for the quilt is a Moda Christmas line from several years ago,  with a few from another moda northwoods line added in.  No quilt of mine would be complete unless there was some type of purple in the mix.  Maybe I can actually have this finished for this Christmas.

Have a great week!




  1. Glad to see you back online, you have been missed… I love your hair ribbon very stylish….. Good to see you getting soooo much done…. Hugs

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