Posted by: Diane F | August 17, 2009

BOM (Monday) begining to a busy week

So this week I have completed block 12 of afternoon tea.  I am not going in order, so next week I should have all of the blocks completed as I only have block 11 left.  I also managed to sew corner triangleson two sides of the previously made blocks in preparation for quilt assembly.  So here are this weeks blocks

Picture 022

And here are the other blocks with 2 side triangles sewn on

Picture 024

And on an unrelated quilt note.  I also finished these two blocks for another Christmas quilt I am working on.

Picture 025

I have to wonder if anyone else out there is hung up on making Christmas quilts.  I have the two above and one other in various states of WIP and two that are in the flimsy state, no wait make that 3.  If you care to share your Christmas quilts let me know I will post a link to your quilt blog.  Maybe we can encourage as a group to finish them up in time for this year.


On totally NQR(non quilt related) notes.  I am home all by myself, except for Abby the black labby, and am amazed at how much more motivated I am to do stuff around the house.  Most of the sewing in the above pics was done this morning.  I have the next customer quilt pressed and ready to load when I am finished here.  It sure is easier to keep the day organized when I am alone.

DS#1 left for School yesterday and today went to his first day of school at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.  I really hope he enjoys himself as he has the world at it feet and is such a great kid. Yup I am the proud momma here.

About 15 minutes after DS#1 left, DH and DS#2 left to go to the in-laws for a couple of days of fishing in northern Minnesota.  After they left I got absolutely nothing done.  I watched TV and surfed the web.  Much needed vegetation time. 

This week I am going to hit the customer quilts hard hoping to finish 5 of them.  Wednesday I have season orientation at the apple orchard and then a meeting with the school board in the evening.  Thursday it is eye appointments for new glasses before the school year starts, and a set with some bifocals for me.  I am contemplating trying the contacts that have the bifocal built in.  I would appreciate anyone who has tried them to let me know what they think of them.  Oh yes then there is those quilts I want to finish.  Next week Wednesday the orchard opens and I will be there 4 days a week. 

That also means an apple recipe could be shared with you as I still have sevral bags of apples in the freezer from last year.  For today, I used a cup full in my oatmeal for breakfast.

Well that is enough running on for today, enjoy the day.  I know I will, it is suppose to be a beautiful day here in northwestern Wisconsin.



  1. wow! i’m such a slug compared to what you are getting done!

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