Posted by: Diane F | September 4, 2009

Ok so I am a week late……..

I will start this Friday with a flimsy.  It was made with a Moda Scrap bag that contained Oh Cherry Oh fabric ( If you were to make it now, you would need to scrap bags though.) and kona snow for the white.  I made up the pattern myself so I can’t send you anywhere for that sorry.

cherry boston commons

cherry BC close up1

I can’t wait to quilt this one as I intentionally left room for some fancy quilting.

The other thing I wanted to share last week was the fruits of my labor at the apple orchard.  On Thursday, I made 5 batches of crab apple jelly.   MMMMMMMMMM good!

crab apple jelly

It is made from these, Dolgo Crab Apples

dolgo crab apples

I was pooped out last week, as I had to get used to standing all day and working.  When I quilt I alternate between standing and sitting.  Then with all the standing, I ended up with an infection in my leg again.  I am half done with the antibiotics and I am wearing my stocking for support.


Now, onto this week.  Dusty went back to school this week Tuesday.  I bet you all felt the earth movin’ with me jumping up and down.  He was excited too.  He insisted that Abby get in on the picture taking.

Dusty and Abby

The picture seems a little empty without Cody in it.  Somehow I am going to have to get a picture of him in his Chef uniform to post.  He is busy at Le Cordeon Blue in the twin cities, with his culinary arts studies.  A fellow class mate posted a pic of him on face book, I might just have to copy that to show you.

Now this weeks quilting found me multitasking.   Quilting two table runners at the same time on the longarm.

multitask 1

multitask 2

I happen to have 6 table runner/wallhanging size projects for this customer to do.  The one backing piece was big enough for both to fit on so instead of cutting and loading 2 projects.  I just loaded the backing once and put both tops on.  This morning I loaded a quilt my mother made.  It is from  the Minnesota quilt shop hop fabric from this year.  That fabric she both in August of this year.  She sure is a speedy piecer.

Well thanks for sticking it through this long post.  It was alot of days to cover.  Have a very safe ans happy labor day weekend!



  1. I REALLY like that flimsy!! Can’t wait to see how you quilt it!

  2. LOVE the flimsy and the 1st day of school pix! and the jelly! yum yum.

  3. I love the flimsy and I am now inspired to get back to work on the similar one I am making from Darlene Zimmerman’s pattern, only it’s in 30’s fabrics. That jelly looks yummo delicious!!

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