Posted by: Diane F | October 24, 2009

October Really???

So this was was what I saw on my way to work one day last week.

Picture 031

So this was the first house on the block

Picture 032

and this one was at the next house. 

The snowman from the first picture has since melted.  Don’t fret, he can reappear today as we received another 3″ of snow yesterday.  Even in 4 wheel drive that was quite the drive home.  What is up with the weather, first we have fall tempts all summer long, the September rolls around and we get our summer temps.  Now it is October and we get winter weather?????

Enough about the weather, in  case you missed it I posted some quilty stuff overe here earlier in the week.  Check it out and have a great weekend!



  1. the snowman made me laugh. i would like to ask whoever says this global warming thing is real what their take is on all this snow already. i keep saying, it just isn’t right. i guess the good thing is that we don’t have to rake if we have snow. 🙂 more time to quilt!

  2. What a contrast. Sure has been a crazy year in every way.

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