Posted by: Diane F | October 29, 2009

AQS Quilt Show Des Moines

I am sitting here ion the hotel this early morning.  The coffee is good and the news is on.  I am letting my BFF sleep in some more.  I am off today to go the AQS quilt show here in Des Moines Iowa. 

While the other ladies in our group did well to stimulate the quilting economy, only 2 items spoke to me yesterday.  A chef/cooking fabric for a pillow case for DS#1 and 2 yards of a Heather Bailey print and that was in the sale section.  Maybe I have N1Q1(no quilting inspiration), if so I hope that goes away soon. 

I have been told that there will be 350+ vendors and 1000+ quilts.  Maybe I will find some inspirations today.  I will have camera at hand to share some inspiration with you.

Time for some more coffee!  Have a great day!



  1. HI, I will be at the DM show on Saturday. Would be great to meet you. I was one of the winners of your contest in June. Really enjoy reading your blog, but miss all the quilt pictures on this one. Hope to see you in DM. Let me know if you will still be there Saturday and maybe we can meet. Bonnie

  2. Enjoy every moment!!

  3. hope you had fun! look forward to seeing some pics of inspiration!

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