Posted by: Diane F | November 10, 2009

Inspiration in odd places

Last week Friday I blogged about a new quilt along that was starting.  I went there today to see their first block.  I have done that block, I am not a beginner, it is time to come up with my own design and challenge myself. 

I have this bag of fabric that has been calling me.

Picture 028

The bag contains these fabrics

Picture 029

These were most of the fabrics I had planned to use in the quilt along.  Well I am still going to use them for a quilt along.  Just one that I am going to do on my other blog.

The quilt along will be traditional block with a modern twist.  Two weeks ago I went with friends to the AQS quilt show in Des Moines IA.  There were plenty of wonderfully made quilts in the show, only one of which really spoke to me and that was more the quilting that the piecing.  I am not saying the quilts weren’t spectacular, they were.  The problem was me, I need something different.  I won’t say something new as if you look around, you see what’s old is new again.  So in my head was the idea to do something with the traditional blocks that I am exploring on the other blog, but in a non-traditional more modern way.  So I dug out my bolt of Kona Snow fabric and these three fabric choices.

Picture 030

This choice will be for a new tree skirt and

Picture 032

these four are for the first two blocks for the quilt along quilt.

I can only hope that this gets me out of my uninspired rut.  Over the spring and early summer I made a nine patch quilt in a quilt along.  Durring that quilt along I was very motivated with both piecing and quilting.  Life got in the way and the motivation left.  I would love to see other blog posts from those of you that have read this, as to what you do to keep yourself motivated.  If you have lost motivation, what do you do to get motivated again?  So please share if you care to.



  1. I have to admit it very seldom happens but when it does I take long walks really looking at what I am seeing and I look through travel books to become inspired.

  2. Last time I was in a big quilting rut I had lunch with you and came home inspired. 😉

    • So any chance you want to pay back the favor on Friday?

  3. Your bag of fabric is quite tantalizing! …and I love the writing on your QOV!
    Good luck with your more challenging project. 🙂

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