Posted by: Diane F | December 16, 2009

Last Years Christmas Quilt is Complete

Inspired by Sew Cal Gal’s Christmas quilt virtual tour, I pulled out last years UFO Christmas quilt.  Well  I could cover two birds with one quilt.  I finished it so it also became a finish for this challenge. I ventured outside in bitter bitter cold yesterday for a good picture. Well I got the picture but it wasn’t the best.  So I put it on my antique sleigh bed this morning and took another picture.  The quilt is flannel back and front, and quilted with a snowflake panto which I will probably never use again.  Now that I have put it on my bed, I wish I had put one more section on and it would have been the right sized for my double bed.

So here it is.  Sorry the pics aren’t better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ok so one other reason that I was motivated to finish this quilt was that I had an idea for another quilt.  I will be sharing that on my other blog as a tutorial.  I will be going there shortly to share the cutting and block piecing steps next.  Then I am off to quilt some table runners for a customer and then I am done with the 10 quilts I have gotten from my Black Friday special.  My quilting will be all mine between now and the new year. whew!



  1. I like it! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. I gotta have this pattern!!!!!

    • The pattern was a free pattern from Timeless treasures last year. I didn’t see it when I was over there last time.

  3. Just lovely ! I like.

  4. I really like the fabric you picked!

  5. I love flannel quilts! Thank you for sharing


  6. Beautiful Christmas Quilt. And I’m so happy you were inspired to finish it this year. And happy you shared it with everyone and entered it in my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show!

    Random drawing for winners tomorrow (December 25th). Good Luck.

    And have a very Merry Christmas!


  7. Very pretty. It looks so cozy. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi,

    I just got your email about the UFO Challenge. Would you email me privately with your first name so I can add it to the list?



  9. diane,
    you’re a winner!! yippeee!! come by and see and then drop me an email.

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