Posted by: Diane F | May 22, 2010

Recharging The Batteries

So yesterday I attending the international spring quilt market.  I took a guest along.  It managed to recharge my quilting batteries.  So many ideas and such great fabric to see and NO PICTURES.  I tried to take a pic yesterday morning and the camera didn’t work.  AAAUUUUGH!!!!  So I am recharging those batteries to see if that was the issue.

My blog follower know I have been having trouble with my leg.  2 1/2 years and it still is not healed.  This is what it looked like last week when the camera was working.


The inside of the leg has healed but it always purple-red.

The doctor wants me to elevate my leg 4 hours a day and I must have it wrapped with an ace bandage or compression stocking during the day.  The wrapping part isn’t a problem.   Getting 4 hours of elevation time is.    Well it is elevation time and I will be using that time to work on some quilt design stuff.  So I am off to follow doctors orders.



  1. i never would have imagined that you were not completely healed by now. oh. that just looks painful.

  2. Wow, Diane…I am so sorry you are still struggling with this issue.

  3. Hi! I linked here from crazy mom quilts. I don’t mean to be overstepping, but I thought I’d go ahead and post a comment – I don’t know anything about the history of your wound or your treatment, but I was wondering if you’d ever been seen by a Certified Wound Care Nurse? They are board-certified nurses who specialize in managing complex chronic wounds. I am one, but I live in Oregon so I don’t know any in your area. You can find more information here or here I would have sent you a message rather than a comment, but I couldn’t find a way to contact you otherwise.

  4. oh, you poor dear! that looks extremely painful. we should have taken it easier on friday. i’m glad that YOU got your quilting batteries recharged, though. i love how you put that. 🙂

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