Posted by: Diane F | July 7, 2010

Batting Lust; Every Which Way But Loose part II

Would you look at this….

All crinkled and soft.  I so really like this now.  The batting I was testing was Simply Bamboo from Fiberco.  The batting sample started out 18″ square, and once washed and dried it finished 16″ square.   So it did shrink quite a bit.  To be fair, the directions tell you to machine wash and dry on the delicate cycle.  I used the regular cycles in both machines. 

Now the back,

Oh these pictures can’t even begin to give you any idea how soft this little quilt is.  I have several quilts with cotton batting that have been washed several times that don’t even come close to being as soft as this little quilt.  I have investigated buying a bolt or roll of this batting, but shipping from Texas, $$$$$$$$$.   I so want a quilt with this batting large enough to wrap myself in.  Oh, what about a quilted jacket made from this for those cold Wisconsin winters. 

So, yes, I have batting LUST.  I will use this batting in a quilt soon.  Next up to test is their bamboo blend, it is 50/50 with cotton.



  1. i especially love it after it’s washed up! wtg!

  2. it looks GREAT after washing. that is quite a bit of shrinkage…but if you plan for it, what would it hurt, right? i love the quilting on it!!! it looks fabulous.

  3. What a very cool quilt! I love the wrinkled cuddlyness! Could you please reply to me…I need your e-mail address for the nine patch exchange, and it is coming back no reply…thank you so much!!

  4. Thanx for the great comment. I am the Plant Manager at FiberCo. We would love to help you make that bamboo batting quilt, that you can wrap yourself in, please contact me through THANKYOU

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